Adanma Ojukwu

I help teams establish and enhance their design systems and platform UIs. Along with UI, I also like uncovering the real underlying problem and desired outcomes. I have successfully launched products from concept to deployment.

Adanma next to Marvel's Stark sign

What Value do I add?

 Pixel Perfect

I love building components and using Figma Auto Layout. As a previous Front End Developer, I take pride in providing spacing and other CSS details down to the pixel or em for my designs to devs. 

  Stakeholder Trust

My personality pushes me to be observant and empathetic to the needs of PMs, Founders, and Developers alike. Unlocking these pain points has helped me bring skeptics on board for trusting design.

UX Design Process

I facilitate discovery sessions to collect business goals, customer needs, and insights at all points during the design and development of a product. No process is one size fits all.

What I do outside work:

Dance Exercise

A good beat and dynamic dance moves help me disconnect from the internet, learn with others and build up my endurance.


Though I do Illustration as a freelancer, it has been my first love as a hobby. There is so much creative potential in an infinite canvas.

  Nerd Out

Marvel, DC, and general sci-fi and fantasy mixed with slice-of-life is my comfort place. I also like a good comedy, and a diverse cast or perspective.

Let’s Chat

What it’s like to work with me:

Adanma is a self-motivated, thorough, patient, and collaborative designer. She has demonstrated a willingness to learn and understand new processes to build a cohesive design. She stepped up into a leadership role…Read on Linkedin

Chris Trainor, PMP, CSPO. CSM

Agile Product Owner, Former Stakeholder