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AAAC Branding

Role: Graphic Designer
Date: Fall 2019 - Spring 2020


The Association for African American Collegians on Webster’s campus requested for me to be their graphic designer. My first task was to redesign their logo. Throughout the rest of the year, I created posters, graphics, and event collatoral.


The previous theme contained a varsity-style text, so I sketched and modified an existing text to be more unique. The color pallet is red, green, yellow and black, based off the Pan African flag. I made several versions until the executive bared picked their favorite. The final design will be printed on a T-shirt.

During the Winter of 2019, the AAAC was holding a 50-year Ananaversy Gala organized by the board, which I was a part of. I designed the event poster and social media collateral, and the postcard invites the university sent out to alumni.

Bellow is a collection of event posters I created for the rest of the year. Each design was adapated for print, instagram, facebook and digital signage around campus. ( With the start of Covid-19, the last few designs where created to include WebX/Zoom details. )