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Frontier App Redesign

Role: UI/UX Designer, Illustrator
Date: Spring 2020


Frontier is a low-cost American Airline based in Denver, Co. They fly to over 300 destinations in America, and have 30 international destinations. They serve a wide range of customers. Having an app for booking and tracking flights, adding on additional luggage, and scanning boarding passes is essential.


Frontier’s current app is very busy and might be overwhelming for the user. The branding isn’t consistent or prominent. Many of the links connect to their website with an in app browser. The app has a lot of text that doesn’t really add anything valuable for the user when booking flights. Purchasing a flight goes through a lot of screens for selecting options, but could be simpler.

( Existing App Design )


I started by tweaking the original logo to look more consistent, and selecting similar colors to their branding. I fashioned the curve of the buttons off of the logo, and picked a font that was round but modern.

After assessing the most used and important functions present in other fight booking apps, I constructed an App Architecture and Wireframe.

Final Design:

Using Adobe XD, I complied all of the elements of the style guide, and added more details to solidify the functions of the app. I keep the color scheme monochromatic, with a custom illustration added on the home page. As the app develops, illustrations like such would be implemented into the design.

Splash Screen: I kept the loading animation simple, but still appealing to look at if someone happens to be on a slow connection.

splash screen gif
home scrolling gif

Home/Dashboard: The Splash Screen slides up to reveal the home page. A simple relevant illustration greets the user, with the airline logo. The user is able to quickly check upcoming flights, nearby airports and deals.

Flight Booking: The bottom tabs let the user access the screen to book flights quickly. I made sure to keep the text and controls highly contrasted from the background for accessibility.

booking gif