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Hub for Brand Network Websites

Home One is a network of brands that provide home improvement services through franchise owners. They needed an online hub for all of their brands to entice potential customers or franchisees to contact and learn more.

Year: 2021

home one desktop and mobile


My Responsibilities:

  • UX Designer; scoping, mapping, mockups
  • Front End Developer; HTML and CSS in WordPress
  • Project Management, copywriting

    My Team

    I was the sole designer, developer, and project manager.

      Challenge: Extend Branding

      I was provided minimal branding collateral; used given colors and logo to created extra graphics to create anew website from scratch.


      After researching similar brands like, I created assets and chose stock images that communicated a premium yet down to earth brand. All items and pages related to each unique brand contained their brand colors to help the user identify each company as they travel through the website.

      Communicating Company Results

      I came up with the idea to create a gallery of custom before and after images for the company to better communicate what the customer should expect from each brand.

      WordPress Development

      I then converted my design into a WordPress website using the Divi theme builder and created the site from scratch. Next, I did a thorough amount of testing for mobile and mid-breakpoints. Finally, I  implemented SCSS to achieve the pixel-perfect layout I desired.


      Throughout this process I was in constant communication with the client through Slack so that I could promptly apply their feedback. . The client was thrilled with the my design, the launch time, site functionality, and the process I laid out for the development of the website.