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Kitchen Wise sells home organization systems for kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and pantries. Their website was previously built on a non wordpress platform, and had little to no comprehensive branding that reflects their bespoke premium brand.

Year: 2021

home one desktop and mobile


My Responsibilities:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Flows, Wireframes, Style Guide, Mock Ups
  • Project Management, copywriting

    My Team

    I worked with 1 back-end developer to build the site.


      I needed to create more brand elements to give the user a complete digital experience for the company. This was also a franchise website, and needed to have a smooth transition from the corporate site to local sites. Due to this project having multiple sites, I aided the copywriter in creating unique copy for each location. My team also did not have a project manager for this project, so I was needed to schedule meetings, coordinate with the client directly, and help out when needed.

      Old Site Before

      Old Site After

      Process and Style Guide

      After completing the written sitemap, I created a visual sitemap for the back end developer to illustrate which pages should be unique to location templates, and which sites should appear on both corporate and local templates.

      ( Visual Sitemap )

      ( Corporate vs Local Navigation )

      ( Style Guide )

      Graphics and Animations

      • Tool the logo to make decorative background elements, and other embellishments to give the site character. 
      • Animated icons in After Effects for each room and integrated this onto the site with Lottie.js


      The client was pleased with the launch, and we created a Google Form to collect information from each owner, and allow them to choose their homepage image, add FAQ questions and company history. This was my team’s first franchise website, and I created several processes and standards to follow for our next project.