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STL Made T-Shirt Design

Role: Graphic Designer
Date: Summer 2021


The Olivia Rae Design Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that hosts sewing lessons to ALL beginning sewers with a special focus on teaching children age 8-14. I was commissioned to create a T-shirt Design incorporating the phrase STL Made.


My client wanted the shirt to capture the artist culture of St. Louis, coupled with the black experience. We brainstormed from my sketches to find something modern and playful.


I had actually created this design in 2014, when I and the client took classes together. Though I changed the design due to my updated years of experience, it was exciting to revisit my past ideas.

The design included a sprinkling of Adinkra symbols from Ghana.

( Adinkra symbols )

After some feedback from the client, I was inspired by graffiti designs and wanted to combine the pan African color palette into a gradient.

I presented a few color combinations to my client, but decided on a black and white design due to printing costs for extra colors.


Olivia Rae went on to sell the t-shirts online and inside of a local African clothing store at the beginning of Juneteenth, and promoted the shirt serval times on social media.