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Food Distribution Website

TBHC is a pizza delivery service, providing their own brand of pizza to convenience store owners.The main goal for this new website was to simplify the user experience (amount of links/information) and drive leads.

Year: 2021


My Responsibilities:

  • UX Designer; scoping, mapping, mockups
  • Front End Developer; HTML and CSS in WordPress

    My Team

    I worked with 1 back-end developer for the complicated forum routing and our client’s print graphic designer.


      The company was in the process of developing its brand guidelines and materials, causing me to iterate. We also needed to find a solution to integrate Salesforce.


      I started by extending their previous branding into design elements and supplementary colors. I encouraged constant feedback from the designer and executives to fine-tune their needs and wants for the site design.

      Old Website Before

      New Website After

      Lead Generation

      TBHC had a ‘profit calculator’ that gave estimates for how much a prospective store owner could make after selling their pizza. I designed an interface that allowed the user to type their yearly profit and have the estimates calculated in real time, cutting down on the amount of clicks needed.

      Technical Restraints

      • The client needed to route their leads to Salesforce/Pardot, but the agency did not have experience with integrating this service with WordPress
      • I conducted extensive testing with aid from the backend developer to find a solution by coding my own form and using a form handler.

      WordPress Development

      I then converted my design into a WordPress website using the Divi theme builder and created the site from scratch. Next, I did a thorough amount of testing for mobile and mid breakpoints. Finally, I implemented SCSS to achieve the pixel-perfect layout I desired.


      I was able to launch the site on time, after executing all feedback given for the live site. The client was pleased with the design and prompt response time to all questions and troubleshooting issues. Their page views increased by over 200%.