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Adanma Ojukwu

Graphic / Web Designer

As a toddler I was never seen without a piece of paper and pencil. I still have books and piles of paper that showcase my knack for creating. Comic books, character, set design, and web pages were some of my favorite things to sketch from my childhood through my teenage years. Every picture told a story. Every design communicated a message or feeling, be it abstract or to the point.

By the end of high school and during my college tenure, I began to trust and understand the gravity of communication through design. This understanding is now the core of all of my designs. I have a way of catching ones attention by creating a visually aesthetic canvas, and then making the message evident.

Because I understand the great role that design plays in communication, I seek out projects that promote equality-giving a voice to those who are underrepresented.

I am currently looking for design, UI/UX and product design internships and full time positions for the Summer of 2020

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